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So I need... 20 dollars before tomorrow. Great.. -sighs-
Bullet; RedRules:
Bullet; Black DO NOT resell the adopt.
Bullet; Black DO NOT breed.
Bullet; Black Each slot is good for a SINGLE pony.
Bullet; Black Follow the guidelines for each species.
Bullet; Black Please run the final design/concept by me so I can give the okay.
Bullet; BlackAlicorns, pegasi, and unicorns are not allowed to be made from this unless you've talked with me about it.
Piranha Plant Pony: 
DTA: Piranha Plant - Lavender Skull Pony WINNER!!! by Ad-opt
Basic Info:
During the winter those plant ponies lose their tail and grow an egg like bud and after a month or so the tail slowly grows back. plant ponies are born in a grass like egg/bud and the will only hatch during fall. When they are fillies they only have a little flower bud that is colored the same way the piranha plant will be colored when they mature *In their teens and/or adult lives* The plant grows fully and can be either aggressive, calm, or clueless, sometimes the plant even dies or is sick. Some plant ponies' tails have the ability to breathe fire and swallow fire. The plants are meat eaters while the host pony only eats fruits and grass types of things NEVER meat.

That is the basic info, these are the traits it can have(except thorns on the plant and hermes type legs please)…
Basic info, might change a bit

They CAN have missing legs and such if the plant is aggressive or if they try to cut it off
Check out this video! *A* My friend made this mix and ff it's amazing;
Peeps who got the rights;
+MORE (I have my own personal list of the rest just lazy to write them)
Talked to frand and I was allowed to sell someone the rights to allow them to make plant pony adopts! CX
Price: $40 usd for today only because I need the money urgently.. I don't know if anyone will be interested haha ;;
I will include my personal plant pony base as an extra for the purchase.
You will have to agree to this though;
  • I will need your skype to add you to the group chat! It is where we plan ideas for adoptables and plant ponies and what not! It is mandatory.
  • YOU CANNOT CHANGE THE SPECIES TRAITS. You are buying the rights to MAKE them not CO-OWN them.
  • Autobuy price cannot be higher than $60 for the plant pony you make. $25 is the normal AB price, any price above $25 is only if it is a single plant pony that includes a ref sheet or extra stuff.
  • Do not give them out as GIFTS or for FREE unless you talk to us first and get the okay.
Resale - OPEN by Ad-opt
Resale - OPEN
Due to some difficulties and some drama and so on, we've decided to revoke this user's plant ponies and rehome them to a better home.

Min. Increase: $2USD
AB: $25USD
Comes with extra art.

Original art by; Cloud-Shaper
The pony is apparently based off of the creature from the creepypasta Laughing Jack. I dunno.

A message to the previous owner
I honestly don't care what you say C: Your plant ponies ALL OF THEM have been revoked. We've given you COUNTLESS of opportunities to respect the owners and the people who own plant ponies but you only seem to be getting worse and worse sooo--
I am revoking all your plant ponies and giving them to homes that will love them. Have a nice day <3
One of them has already been sold off and rehomed.
This website;
Oh man if anyone has a spare code I'll give you anything for it @___@

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Thanks for the fav! I love your ponies!!
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Ello,iam VERY interested in your species Plant ponies,and since i dont have any money,is there any place i can get one for points?
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I am sorry if my English is terrible.
RodaDoesArt Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I just wanted to ask about the Plant Tail Ponies. :3 How much are the for? I would lie to have one of my own. X3

Thanks, and cute adopts! 
Ad-opt Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014
They are 25usd if you want me to make one! Umm..15usd if you want to buy a MYO slot >V<

RodaDoesArt Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah, I wish I had enough money... X3 Oh well, thank you for the feedback! :D
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can i do plant tail pony? its free?
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I PurringMiyu have moved to this account from Myaaaaaaa just thought you'd need to know to properly adjust whatever you needed to <3
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Thanks for the fave
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